Affordable, Quality Catholic Education

Tuition Assistance
Picture of two students looking at books The Catholic schools in the Rock Island Vicariate are committed to providing an affordable Catholic education for any family who wants their child to attend. Therefore, offering tuition assistance funds based on financial need is considered a top priority. Numerous fundraisers are held throughout the year to support this goal. Tuition assistance grants are determined by information obtained from parents through the tuition assistance application process. F.A.C.T.S., a private-processing company, makes recommendations to the schools regarding the distribution of available tuition-assistance funds. Applications may be picked up at any of the school offices or completed online at

Tuition fees paid by families constitute only a portion of the cost of educating a student at a Catholic School. The difference between the cost of education and what our families pay is covered primarily through the generous direct subsidy support of the local parishes and the fundraising and development activities at each of the schools.

Spalding Scholarship: In addition to the tuition assistance offered directly by the schools, the Diocese of Peoria also offers scholarship opportunities for students desiring a Catholic education. Parishioners at any of the supporting parishes are eligible and encouraged to apply for the Diocese of Peoria Spalding Scholarship at

Education Tax Credit: Since the year 2000, the State of Illinois has offered an Illinois Education Tax Credit to parents with children in grades K-12 who spend more than $250 a year on tuition, book and lab fees. Parents may claim 25% of the balance up to $500 per family per year. Eligible expenses are for the calendar year (not school year). The tax credit is applied directly to the parent's state tax liability.